Best WoW Guide

After looking through a big selection of guides these are the ones that come up best for each topic.

Best WoW Guide - Overall
World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide
Rating: Rated 5/5

Ultimate Guide ReviewOut of all the guides we have seen this one is by far the most complete guide out there. The World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide has everything. Gold, PVP, Leveling, Builds and more to help beginners and experts alike to get the most out of the game in the quickest time possible.

Really well put together and includes 100% legal in game add on to tell you exactly where to go.
Great value for money too as you get all this for less than a lot of much smaller guides.

Very highly recommended.

Check out more info on the World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide

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Best WoW Guide - Quickest Leveling
Team Idemise Leveling Guide

Rating: 5 Star Rating

Team Idemise Leveling Guide - Click Here!The Team Idemise Leveling Guide uses the latest technology to actually improve the routes that the guide uses every time it is played.

They say the guide can level you up to 400% faster than others and I have to say that I think they aren't far out with their claim. When I want to get leveled really quickly this is the one I always use.

It covers both Alliance and Horde and in great detail. I especially like the fact that they have gone into the same amount of detail for every class in the game, not just a Hunter like some of them.

Check out more info on the Team Idemise Leveling Guide

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Best WoW Guide - Alliance and Horde
Zygor Leveling Guide
Rating: 4.5 Star Rating

Zygor Leveling Guide - Click Here!If you are after a guide that covers both Alliance and Horde and in a really thorough way then I can totally recommend the Zygor Leveling Guide.

Written really well and I especially like the 100% legal in game mod that shows you the next task with a dot on your map.

Unlike other guides this is all you see so you can tell exactly where to go next without getting confused, very handy.

Add to this the awesome bonuses you get with the guide and the fact that you are getting two for the price of one and you can see why this comes up top for this category.

Check out more info on the Zygor Leveling Guide

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Best WoW Guide - Alliance Leveling
Brian Kopp Leveling Guide
Check out the #1 choice the ULTIMATE WOW GUIDE

Rating: 4 Star Rating

Brian Kopp Leveling Guide - Click Here!

This guide is written by the guy who bought out one of the first World of Warcraft guides way back in 2006. This newer guide all the way from 1-80 doesn't dissapoint and because it focuses on the Alliance side it really delivers if this is your side of choice.

An in game mod that is 100% legal can get you to the top level in 5 days or less and involves no grinding at all, this guide is 100% quest based.

Recommended for all the Alliance players out there as one of the longest running writers and still one of the best.

Check out more info on the Brian Kopp Leveling Guide
Check out our #1 choice the ULTIMATE WOW GUIDE

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