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Reviewed by: Ty Penman

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Brian Kopp Leveling Guide - Click Here!When I bought the Brian Kopp leveling guide it was because I have known the name for a long time in the World of Warcraft community. Brian Kopp actually bought out one of the very first guides back in 2006 so this guy knows his stuff but I wanted to see if he had kept up with the game.


The Brian Kopp leveling guide is focused on the Alliance side of the game and helps you level from 1-80 faster by giving you all the information needed for all the quests along the way.


The difference to that early version is that this guide comes with an ingame
mod which is 100% safe and in no way breaks the rules of World of Warcraft so you don't have to worry about getting your account banned. The easiest way to describe it is as a Sat Nav (GPS) that installs into the game and shows the the way to go to complete quests in double quick time.


Check out the Brian Kopp leveling guide here


It does this by putting the guide and direction arrows in a window on top of the main game screen which is updated in real time so you know how far you are away from the next goal.


You can then resize the guide and set it to become see-through as well as
move about the screen, meaning you don't have to keep pausing and flicking in and out of the game to see where to go next.


Instead it shows you the co-ordinates and details of the next step of the quest and the arrow points the way you need to go making the Brian Kopp leveling guide pretty much automatic.


The co-ordinates are usually spot on meaning you should never get lost or not know where you should be next, which saves a heap of time, plus because all the quests are already recognised by the guide it can tell you when it is a good time to collect several quests at once. This means when you run back into town to complete you can be doing several at a time, this gives you an awesome XP boost without having to run around the same area over and over again which has to be good!


Because the Brian Kopp leveling guide is digital the minute you join the site you get full access to it and you can be up and playing within as little as 5 mins.


The guide gets updated quite a bit as new stuff comes out for the game and when you buy the guide you are given access to a members area where people hang out and give their own tips and suggestions on things that have worked for them in the game, this along with the other extras you get in the members area (some really great tips from Brian Kopp himself) really make this a guide worth having, especially if you do a lot of solo questing as the Brian Kopp leveling guide has been written to get you from 1-80 pretty much on your own which is great if you are not a big team player.


The latest version of the Brian Kopp leveling guide has been updated to include both the Burning Crusade and the Return of the Liche King expansions so you really do have it all covered.




Brian Kopp Leveling Guide - Click Here!The Brian Kopp leveling guide covers a lot and is recommended for any Alliance players but here are all the main points so you can get a general overview of the guide.

  • This guide is especially suited to solo players as it includes specific Solo talent guides for all 9 classes.
  • It is easy to install so no need to be technically minded and you can be up and running in minutes.
  • It is tailored for Alliance so if you need a Horde Leveling Guide then you should check out my Zygors Leveling Guide Review instead.
  • It is kept very up to date and includes all you need to use it with both Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Liche King expansions.
  • Some of the extra bonuses you get inside the site are really useful so
    you are getting good value for your money.

Check out the Brian Kopp leveling guide here