Druid Talent Builds

If you are looking for the Druid talent build to take you even further in the game then these suggestions should help and you can adjust them to suit your style of play.

This build is heavy on the Feral talents as the Druid will level up really fast this way. Some goals to get to are the Bear form at level 10 and the Cat (great fun!) at level 20.

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Feral Talents

Ferocity 5/5
Feral Aggression 5/5
Feral Instinct 2/3
Savage Fury 2/2
Sharpened Claws 3/3
Shredding Attacks 2/2
Predatory Strikes 3/3
Primal Fury 2/2
Primal Precision 2/2
Heart Of The Wild 5/5
Survival Of The Fittest 3/3
Leader Of The Pack 1/1
Improved Leader Of The Pack 2/2
Predatory Instincts 3/3
Infected Wounds 3/3
King Of The Jungle 3/3
Mangle 1/1
Improved Mangle 3/3
Rend And Tear 5/5
Primal Gore 1/1

Restoration Talents

Furor 5/5
Naturalist 4/5
Natural Shapeshifter 3/3
Omen Of Clarity 1/1
Master Shapeshifter 2/2

If you are more into your solo levelling then the following is one of the best Druid talent builds I have found.

Feral Combat

Ferocity (5/5)
Feral Instinct (3/3)
Savage Fury (2/2)
Thick Hide (3/3)
Feral Swiftness (2/2)
Survival Instincts (1/1)
Sharpened Claws (2/2)
Shredding Attacks (2/2)
Predatory Strikes (3/3)
Primal Fury (2/2)
Feral Charge (1/1)
Natural Reaction (3/3)
Heart of the Wild (5/5)
Survival of the Fittest (3/3)
Leader of the Pack (1/1)
Improved Leader of the Pack (2/2)
Protector of the Pack (3/3)
Infected Wounds (3/3)
Mangle (1/1)
Improved Mangle (3/3)
Rend and Tear (5/5)
Berserk (1/1)

Restoration Talents

Furor (5/5)
Naturalist (5/5)
Intensity (3/3)
Omen of Clarity (1/1)

These are some of the best Druid talent builds I have come across so far but if I find more I will post them here. If you have a suggestion for any other Druid talent builds let me know.

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