Paladin Talent Guide

The Paladin is a really popular and important class in World of Warcraft as it combines magic with strength and can be used as a tank, healer or DPS (Damage Per Second). This Paladin talent guide will help you play the class to its potential.

Paladin Talent Guide Tip

  • The Paladin is a great starter class because of how versatile it is in the game.

This class can take the damage really well, heal themselves and still dish out the pain with of spells and weapons making this a really tough class to beat but a great one to play.

The Paladin is basically a Warrior with a spell book and some think they may actually have a bit too much power, but they’re just the ones fighting against them! *grin*

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Paladin Talent Guide – Choosing a Race

The choices for the Paladin are pretty varied so it is up to you what race you choose, and as they can fight in both melee or ranged positions you are probably best just picking your favorite, but when it comes to the role you want the character to play in the game you need to think about what talent tree you go down.

Paladin Talent Guide – Which Talent Trees to go down?

The main talent trees to go down are Protection, Retribution and Holy Warrior. Depending on what you want to do in the game will decide which you focus on.

Paladin Talent Guide Tip

  • If you are mainly playing solo then you should be focusing on Retribution as this will help you kill things quicker, gain XP faster and ultimately level up in the quickest time.

Paladin Talent Guide - Protection

The Protection tree is best if you are thinking of making your Paladin a Tank. This means they can take punishment and give it out as well. Your role as a Tank is to take the hits so that the less protected members of your team can attack. In a lot of cases the Paladin can be superior to other classes when it comes to raids and taking the pain. Unlike a Warrior who might normally take this role you aren’t just relying on your armor to save your skin as you can heal yourself too.

Paladin Talent Guide – Retribution

The Retribution tree allows the Paladin to focus on DPS (Damage per Second) and adds to the skills the character has in both melee and close combat situations. This makes the Paladin a great person to bring along on those raids again but also as mentioned before allows for quicker solo leveling too.

Paladin Talent Guide – Holy Warrior

The Holy Warrior tree is where the healing part of the character comes in. Maybe the group you are in needs a healer but one that can handle them self as well, this is where the Paladin can use both skill sets. They are able to heal themselves or others which makes them great for getting through quests. Unlike the Priest who usually does the healing job the Paladin can wear heavy armor and look after him/her self too.

Paladin Talent Guide – Picking a Profession

When you pick the profession for your Paladin bear in mind that you are going to be wearing a lot of heavy armor as well as spell casting.

Because of this you can choose something based in magic for the main profession such as Enchanting or Alchemy but when it comes to the secondary profession it is best to think of the Paladin as a Warrior.

As a secondary profession Blacksmithing is good as you can make your own equipment and armor which saves a lot of gold. You could also try Mining as you can sell your finds and use that to upgrade instead. Either one of these will help with getting the heavier equi

pment you will need as you progress through the game.

Paladin Talent Guide Tip

  • If you want to focus on the weapons and armor side of the Paladin then choose Blacksmithing as your primary profession and Mining as the secondary. This way you can find your own resources and use them to make the equipment.

Well that’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed this Paladin talent guide and be sure to check out the other guides on the site.

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