Team Idemise Leveling Guide Review


Reviewed by: Ty Penman

Rating: 5 Star Rating 5/5

Website Reviewed: Team Idemise Leveling Guide


Team Idemise Leveling Guide - Click Here!There a lot of guides around but the Team Idemise leveling guide claims that it is the FASTEST leveling guide out there, stating it can level you up to 400% faster than others. 

I've tried a heap of guides and it is definitely right up there in the speed stakes.

Quick history lesson! Team Idemise have been around online gaming and guides for a while although thet started off in FPS like Counterstrike and made a big name for themselves in tournaments. While this may not be the same as World of Warcraft it does mean they know how to take a game and make the most out of it. Ok, wake up at the back of the class... history lesson over!

Now when you get the Team Idemise leveling guide you get access to members only section which is pretty handy to keep up to date with what is going on in the game but the most worthwhile part of the guide is an in game addon called Questup.

This is an in game mod that shows you everything you need to know to get through the quests and saves you having to switch in and out from the game to the guide when you need to take a look at it. The guide gets updated all the time and you get free lifetime upgrades as they happen.

Check out the Team Idemise leveling guide here

They claim you can have the guide installed in less than a minute and it really is simple and didn't need any technical know how at all.

While I was using the Team Idemise leveling guide it became pretty clear that they had really tried to get the exact step by step for each quest you need to do. It helps choose the next mission for you to do to get leveled quickly and really does show you everything along the way to make sure you use your time really well. In fact they have the latest technology in the guide which finds the routes people are using EVERY day and updates the guide if a faster way is found!

It deserves a mention that they have gone into this amount of detail for EVERY class in the game which is cool as anyone can use it and you know it works as apparently the team behind it all took a character each up to level 80 to make sure they knew it worked! Some guides only show you one type of character to level (usually a Hunter as it is the easiest!) so this shows how much they have put into the guide.

Also because there are no hacks or cheats this guide is 100% safe and in no way will get your account banned.

Both Alliance and Horde are covered in the Team Idemise leveling guide so it means it doesn't matter what side you enjoy, or whether you have a character in each to match your mood as they can use the guide. This also makes the guide very good value as you are really getting 2 guides for the price of one.


Team Idemise Leveling Guide - Click Here!The Team Idemise leveling guide is one of the best guides I have seen out there. They really do know their stuff and I highly recommend this guide for both Alliance and Horde players.

Some of the best points are:

  • You can level to 80 in about 7 days
  • Free lifetime upgrades for any patches or upgrades
  • Members only forum access
  • Can use the Team Idemise leveling guide with ANY character

Check out the Team Idemise leveling guide here