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Reviewed by: Ty Penman
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This World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide really does live up to the title. There are so many different parts to this that they could have quite easily messed up and fallen short on all of them, but they haven't.


I was really impressed when I bought this guide as it covers pretty much everything you need to know about playing World of Warcraft and for both sides as well.



Most guides focus on one thing, leveling, gold or whatever but this is one of the only guides I have seen that covers leveling, gold, professions, macros and more all for the one cost.


This really makes the World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide one of the best value for money packages you can get for the game and will help novices and experts get even more out of every part of the game.


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The guide includes the following and much more and is being added to all the time;


·          1 - 80 Horde Leveling Guide  

·          1 - 80 Alliance Leveling Guide  

·          Level 60 – 80 Instance Guide  

·          Level 1 – 80 Class Gear Guide  

·          Power Level 30-60 Grinding Method  

·          Power Level profession Guide  

·          Starting Zones Alliance Guide  

·          Starting Zone Horde Guide  

·          WoTLK Alliance Level 70 – 80 Guide  

·          WoTKL Horde Level 70 – 80 Guide  

·          Death Knight Starting Zone for all Races  

·          In-Game Leveling Talent Guide  

·          Talent and Gear Guides for Every Class (including Death Knight)  

·          Interactive Website (not ebook PDF)  

·          Fast customer support


And much more than I can list here, now that's some serious content that the World of Warcraft Ultimate guide delivers! 

The writer of the guide, Dave 'Dugi' Farrell plays the game for a minimum of about 5hrs a day(!) so he really knows his stuff and has put all that knowledge in his guide.  


It is split into many parts so you can use the one that interests you the most at the time, but the 3 main areas it covers are Leveling, Class and Gold guides although all the other areas are covered too. Each part of the World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide is very well written and even though there is a lot in here they don't leave anything out. 


Each part has full details and pictures of the places you will need to go. For example in the Gold Guide you have screen shots of all the best places to farm making it really easy to follow and some great auction house tips to make some serious gold each day. This quality is seen throughout all of the guides. 


As well as this there is an in game leveling guide add on that comes with the World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide that you can use while playing the game so you don't have to flick in and out of the game. There are videos on how to install it but it really is very easy, should be no trouble at all. The add on is also 100% legal and won’t affect your account or get it banned as it doesn’t go against any rules.  


The add on provides you with a direction arrow you can follow to the next task, a bit like a Sat Nav, and also includes intelligent programming so that as certain class quests become available it will show you the quickest and best way to go. The routes that the in game guide uses have been tried and tested by the writer himself and they are some of the quickest that I have used, really well thought out. 


The in game add on also has an auto completion feature which keeps up with you as you play and means that you don't have to click to continue your quest as it recognizes when you have done a task and automatically moves on to the next. Saves a heap of time and having to remember to do it yourself! 


Another mega addition to the World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide in game add on is an auto use quest item function. If you have ever got to a part of a quest and had to search through piles of items to find the thing you need then you will love it too. Basically it will find and use the correct item you need for that task with the click of a single button, no more searching through all the stuff you are hoarding! 


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World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide Review   Conclusion


The World of Warcraft Ultimate guide has a bit of everything for everyone, whether you are looking to make Gold, play PVP, need Profession help or level up your Alliance or Horde character this guide has it all and then some. 


The most surprising part though is that it is one of the cheapest, yet most complete, guides on the market. I really can’t recommend this guide enough and with a free trial available as well you really can’t go far wrong.


·          Best Value For Money 

·          Horde and Alliance Covered 

·          Gold Guides, PVP Guides and much more 

·          Great In game add on 

·          Most complete guide available 

·          Being added to all the time 


Really very highly recommended. 


Even better right now you can get a free trial by clicking through from this World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide Review so you can check it all out for yourself and see why I rate this guide so highly.


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Thanks for reading this World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide Review!

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