WoW Alchemy Guide

Alchemy is one of the oldest professions involving a high use of herbs to make potions and elixirs. This WoW Alchemy guide will show you how to get to level 450 and pick up some tips on the way.

Alchemy is a mixture of brain and brawn and can help you in both strength and health, you start off collecting roots and similar but the materials you use can get really costly as time goes on.

WoW Alchemy Guide Tip

  • Make Herbalism your secondary profession and save a LOT of gold!

If you work your way up to level 450 in Herbalism you will have a supply of all the best materials and won’t have to queue up at the auction house and pay top dollar that other herbalists are demanding for their creations.

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You can farm most of the materials you need but depending on how quick you want to level you can cut corners and buy one every now and again but it will definitely help your bank balance to become a Herbalist.

Alchemists can also transmute items, turning one object into another, although the cool down for this skill is a whole day the outcome is well worth it.

You can end up with precious metals and if you don’t need them you can sell them.

WoW Alchemy Guide Tip

  • You can use the new items created for crafting or even charge others for the service.

If you are running out of space in your inventory you can use an injector. Normally you carry 5 items in a stack but with this you can carry up to 20. This is great when you have to go into battle with lot’s of the same potion.

WoW Alchemy Guide – Level 1-450 Guide

Make healing potions. Really easy to do and sellable too but make sure you keep some for yourself for later in the game.

Upgrade the minor healing potions you made to lesser healing potions. At level 75 go and train so you don’t waste materials.

Make healing potions till level 140.

Then lesser mana potions till level about level 155.

Make greater healing potions till level 185

Now you can start making elixir of agility potions till level 210.

The elixirs of agility will now be green to you so you need to move on to the elixir of defense.

You are now at the stage of making superior healing potions and this is a great way to get to level 250. Train at level 225 so you don’t waste materials.

To get up to level 265 make the elixir of detect undead and elixir of agility.

Just make some superior mana potions and then make major health potions till you get to level 300

Create volatile healing potions.

Making sneaking potions will get you to level 350.

You can make super healing potions till you get to 375

First make Guru’s elixir and then the elixir of mighty strength. After this create the elixir of mighty agility and runic healing potion. Make runic mana potions all the way to when they go green and transmute for the Earthsiege Diamond. Finally make the Flask of the Frost Wyrm and you should hit level 450!

Phew! Made it! Follow this WoW Alchemy guide and you will soon find yourself maxing out at the 450 level. Try and build your Herbalism up at the same time and you will save yourself a lot of work and gold when it comes to getting the ingredients you need.

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