WoW Druid Guide

WoW Druid Guide – General Tips

First and foremost Druids are a versatile bunch and this WoW Druid guide will try to take some of the guess work out of playing them.

They can be suited to a variety of roles, tanks, DPS or healing although some say that they never reach their true potential unless they take the healing role, but this really changes depending on who you speak to. I personally think they are a fun class to play whatever way you go, and I usually end up being somewhere between a Rouge and a Healer.

They are good for solo play or part of a group but if you are part of a guild you may have a hard time convincing them you are more than just a healer but keep at it, it’s worth it!

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They are a slippery class too as they can escape from most forms of crowd control and this along with the speed and stealth that a Druid can use makes them a tough cookie to catch! This makes them good for Arena battles when capturing a flag can be made easier combining stealth and then running off with it at 30% more speed than your rivals.

The main reason I find them so much fun though is their ability to shape shift. Taking on the form of something else never gets old for me. The three basic forms for you to shift to are Bear, Cat and Travel. There is also a Tree form that you can get which has massive healing qualities.

WoW Druid Guide – Shape Shifting

 Bear  Tanking
 Cat  PVP and DPS
 Travel  Run 30% faster
 Tree  Healing

The Bear is the Tanking form. You want to get yourself some top quality leather gear if you want to go this route and use the Feral tree on your specs to build up your Druid.

The Cat is best suited for PVP and DPS. These are great fun to use and are pretty much like Rogues when it comes to gear.

The Druid didn’t use to have a mount so the Travel form was needed for getting from one place to the next quickly but since the latest patch you can now buy a mount at level 30 so it is just the ability to run at 30% faster speeds that makes this worth having.

The Tree form is for healing. You can heal 5-man parties when using this so it’s really good for raids.

WoW Druid Guide – Professions Tips

The Druid cannot wear anything heavier than leather but there is some great equipment out there which will suit all the different roles. Because of this a good profession to have is Leatherworking so you can get those pieces you really need. For the same reason Skinning is a popular choice as it fits with Leatherworking well.

That’s the end of this WoW Druid Guide and this has only touched the surface of this great class. With the Druid being so versatile you can enjoy the aspects of several classes and find which suits your playing style the best, meaning everyone can find something they like.

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