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This WoW Enchanting Guide has all the info you need to get from level 1-375. Enchanting is a higher level profession and the amount of time and skill needed shows this but if you're willing to put the effort in it can pay rewards and this guide will make it easier to get to the end goal.

When you first begin as an enchanter it can be a little confusing, you basically give items special attributes which boost their power by enchanting them. You never actually make a new item like other professions but you do make a more powerful version of the item you already have… which can seem odd at first!

This WoW enchanting guide will try and take the confusion out of it by giving you the lists and tips you will need throughout the game of World of Warcraft to advance through the levels and let you know when you will need different items and ingredients.

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Enchanting is one of the most popular professions in World of Warcraft as it
can be used a lot throughout the game. It may be hard to master but it is really worth it. If you get good at it not only is it useful but you can make some serious gold selling the items you make.

Enchanting is seen as one of the more social skills asyou end up chatting in the auction rooms or to other players to sell your latest creation a lot!

As an Enchanter you have two main abilities, enchanting and disenchanting. Enchanting is the skill of using ingredients on an item to enhance it in some way. You can obtain the ingredients you need by either buying them at auction or by using a skill known as disenchanting.

You can get the disenchanting skill from the trainer and is the process of taking an item and getting the base ingredient from it to use elsewhere. I have provided a list of what items make what ingredients when they are
disenchanted later in this WoW enchanting guide.

A word of warning though - you have to be really careful when disenchanting as it is not reversible. You effectively destroy whatever item you disenchant and you have no way of getting it back so make sure you really want to do it first!

To disenchant an item open up your spell book, choose disenchant and choose the item you want to do this to. The whole process can take a while so just wait till it’s done and you'll have your new ingredients.

That’s a general overview but this WoW enchanting guide is going to go more detailed than that so read on!

The first thing you must do is go and visit the enchanting trainer in town. If you can’t find him then ask a guard and they should show you the way. Have a chat with the trainer and then choose ‘Apprentice Enchanting’ to start. You can pick a second profession as well but keep in mind that the enchanting path doesn’t require you to do any gathering so steer clear of secondary professions such as mining as this will just be a waste.

You need a rune rod to do your enchanting and the type of rod
changes as you go through the levels but you will start with a copper one. The higher level you get the more expensive the rods become but the copper rod is easy to get hold of and for a reasonable cost, I usually visit a Blacksmith for this and future rods.

The types of rods are

• Copper Rod
• Silver Rod
• Golden Rod
• Truesilver Rod
• Arcanite Rod
• Fel Iron Rod
• Adamantite Rod

The next thing I do after getting the copper rod is turn it into a runed copper rod. To do this you will need to get the copper rod, 1 x dust and 1 x lesser magic essence. You can get these by disenchanting items, see the list below for which.

WoW Enchanting Guide - Disenchanting list

Ingredient Item
Dust Green Armor
Essence Green Weapons
Shard Blue Items
Nexus Crystal Purple Items (Up to Level 60)
Void Crystal Purple Items (After Level 60)

Once you have the items open up your spell book, enchant, and follow the recipe above… and you’ll have one runed copper rod. Nice enchanting!

The idea is to level up by practicing your skill as an enchanter up to level 375.

WoW Enchanting Guide Top Tips!

  • Right the way up to level 50 you can get experience points for disenchanting so just keep doing it! Any green items you find can be disenchanted and not only do you gain XP but you will get a load of ingredients to use later.

  • After level 50 you don’t gain any more XP for disenchanting so don’t waste your items doing this any longer unless you need to get extra ingredients. Don’t forget if you disenchant an item it is effectively destroyed so pick wisely! 

Throughout your time as an enchanter you will need to enchant various items to move up levels. To make this even easier you will find a list of ingredients you need throughout the game at the end of this WoW enchanting guide.

Ok, thanks for reading this WoW Enchanting Guide so far! Take a breath and then page 2 can be found here - Enchanting Guide 375

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