Zygor 1 80 Leveling Guide Review

Reviewed by: Ty Penman
Rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5/5
Website Reviewed: Zygor 1 80 Leveling Guide

Zygor Leveling Guide - Click Here!Zygor is one of the best known names in World of Warcraft and the Zygor 1 80 leveling guide doesn't disappoint.

The guide first started out as a PDF with all the quests and tips in but since then it has been changed to an in game guide so that you don't have to keep leaving the action to see what to do next.

Even though this is an addon for the game the Zygor 1 80 leveling guide is 100% legal and doesn't involve anything dodgy like hacks or cheats so you won't get your account banned or locked by using it which is a good thing!

They include a step by step video to show you how to install the guide (which is really simple to do) and when I fired it up the first thing I was impressed with was the direction arrow itself, it changes colour depending on how far away you are from the next goal and even shows a little tip next to the arrow to help you out with info like the characters name you are heading for and how far away you are from the goal.

Check out the Zygor 1 80 Leveling Guide Here

As well as the arrow you get two windows that show you the game map with an overlay of the quests you need to do. One is a larger version which is really good for first sorting out where you want to go next and then you can switch to the smaller version while getting there. This is the way I like to do it but you can use whichever you like when you like so it fits in with the way you like to play.

A dot appears on the map to show you the next goal and because this is the only thing on the map it means you get straight there in double quick time. Another cool little feature of the Zygor 1 80 leveling guide is it will auto-detect when you have completed a goal and move you on to the next one, really handy.

The writer, John Cook, has taken all the races into account while writing the Zygor 1 80 leveling guide so it doesn't matter what you like to play as there will be a starter guide for you to use which is good considering some guides are very general and don't go into so much detail on each class.

Since the latest patch there is now virtually NO grinding at all (where you stay in one place killing over and over to get XP) so you can get all the way up to Level 80 by questing alone. This makes it a lot more fun!

Not only do you get a great guide but the bonuses are some of the best I have seen given with a guide. You get several of these including

  • Talent build guides which help you chose the best builds for every class in the game
  • Nether Drake Mount guide so that you have something cool to ride when you get to Level 80
  • Death Knight guide - they introduced this in WoTLK recently so this helps you get to grips with it straight away if you choose to play this class.
  • Inscription Profession Leveling Guide - Now this one is cool. They
    introduced Glypes in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and this will
    really give you the upper hand when it comes to finding the most
    powerful glyphs, and then you can go sell them to the people that don't have the know how. Awesome!

A couple of these bonuses are limited but to be honest even if you are too late then the remaining extras really do make this Zygor 1 80 leveling guide a bargain.


Zygor Leveling Guide - Click Here!The Zygor 1 80 leveling guide is right up there with the best of them. Really easy to use and definitely on the ball when it comes to keeping up to date with the game. I thoroughly recommend this guide and the fact it comes in both flavours, Alliance and Horde, means everyone can enjoy it.

  • The Zygor 1 80 leveling guide is great value
  • Versions for both Alliance and Horde
  • The bonuses are some of the best I've seen with a guide
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Pretty much no GRINDING at all to get to level 80!

Check out the Zygor 1 80 Leveling Guide Here